Visualize me, Joey Gardner. I am a senior Sport Management and Business Administration major at the University of Dayton. As I pursue my degree, I am looking for opportunities in Creative Services and Marketing fields. I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky where I grew up as the unique kid who loved technology and how it worked, but just as much as I loved playing sports. That is when I realized that I can turn my passions into a career.


In high school I began to take a closer look at what I wanted to pursue in my college career and beyond. I have always loved sports, but I quickly realized to work in this field, you can no longer just be a fan of sports, but you must be knowledgeable of many aspects of the business of sports. It was during my junior and senior year as a high school reporter for Louisville Catholic Sports that I recognized my passion. Under the mentorship of Billy Reed, former Sports Illustrated writer, I began to develop a passion for writing, reporting and understanding the business of sports.

Entering college, I got my first opportunity with a communications internship in the summer of 2015 with Louisville City Football Club of the United Soccer League. During my time there, Steve Peake, the Director of Communications, allowed me to write media guides, press releases, editorials, operate StatCrew, and exposure to a litany of other forms of media to build my know how for future use in business of sports.

Dayton Flyers wingedDLogo_RedIn the Fall of 2015, I started working for Dayton Athletic Communications. I was one of the team members in charge of the development of the 170+ page 2015-16 Men’s Basketball media guide. This guide is used as a resource for fans and national media outlets. Utilizing my knowledge gained at the University of Dayton, I initiated a digital marketing program for a private high school athletic department. The package communicates graphics before and after every game that have the professionalism of a collegiate program.

In May of 2016 I began working for the Universities Communications Department as a Social Media Specialist. So far, I have been assigned to research and develop a plan of social media best practice for Public Safety departments. In addition to that, I was apart of planning this years Reunion Weekend. In the summer of 2017, I stayed in Dayton and researched Social Media best practices and help the University of Dayton Social Media following grow by over 15%.

Finding new opportunities within digital media is not always easy. I desire to broaden my knowledge and enhance my professional network. One-day I look to work for a company looking towards the future. Taking them to new heights and becoming one of the most followed and sought after in digital media industry would give me great pride.




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